Aluminum Tank


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Everyone needs a tank some times. Often the tanks available just don't fit one's needs.


The aluminum sheet for this tank was .090. I believe the aluminum is 3033.


First step is to determine the dimension of the tank. Let's say the tank is 5 inch diameter by 7 inches tall. 

The round top and bottom will be 5" diameter circle of course less about 1/8". 4 7/8. The smaller circle allows a gap in the corner to weld. This will allow you to grind the weld smooth.

The side is rolled from a square piece which is 7 inches by the circumference. Circumference = the Diameter x Pie. Pie is 3.1416

5 x 3.1416 = 15.7

So the side is cut 15.7" x 7"

Simple enough.


This comprises of the top, bottom, side which is rolled and a cap/bung. You can anneal the aluminum with a torch before rolling but you don't have to. 
If you don't have a roller a pipe works fine.  Top and bottom welded on and grind down. Finished with an abrasive wheel.
Fittings Tapped