The ZF was originally mounted with a rear mount on this car (early cars). Side mount upgrades are available through venders but here is one built from scratch. What I like about this side mount is it re-enforces the area around the sway bar and overall is very stout.  Photos worth a 1000 word.........


***Click on photo for larger image***


Side mounts cut. Aligned in area near sway bar.
Sway bar mounts are capped off for strength. Two rubber suspension bushings in a piece of DOM.


Round recess with top cap. Inside MIG welded, rest TIG welded. The rest capped off.
Support cardboard mockup. Support mounts cut from cardboard template.


Radius cut out a section at a time. Dirty job! First side bracket support tack welded (MIG).
Second support tack welded (MIG) Top plate added finish welded up TIG.



Right bracket finished.
Left bracket. Little harder to photograph but done the same way as the right. 
Either bracket can be removed without removing the ZF.