A problem common to the Pantera is the lower section of the rear upright collecting water and rusting out. Drain holes are needed to prevent this. The water enters through several areas in the structure and settles in the lower section of the rear upright. It is quite common to drill large holes in this area. 

With over 30+ years on these cars, some times prevention is a little late. Many have had rust issues in these areas. My particular car had a section rebuilt but the appearance was hideous. I decided to cut it out and make my own upright which was not all that difficult.


***Click on photo for larger image***


The rear upright has some history; not a good history. This just would not work. The forward upright was cut out but the rear was left to maintain alignment. The metal was cleaned in prep for welding.
Steel was bent over an appropriate sized tube. It just so happens this is a roller from a tread mill. 

The metal is clamped in with the tube. The metal is not hit directly with the hammer. The flat square tubing is laid against the metal. The tubing is hit with the hammer. 

Finished bend with the vice.


A cardboard template to make the shape needed on the side. Transferred to the u-shaped steel and cut with a grinder using a thin wheel. Fit to frame.
Welded.  An inside plate to finish the contour of the inside wheel well welded in.


The second upright built and welded in.  This part is actually boxed in which gives it some strength. The inside was coated with zinc primer before welding the outer plate in.
Outer plate welded in completing the box. Welds ground down and cleaned up. That is a far better looking section then what it started out like.



Primed Painted!