I wanted to make my own side vent and had something in mind. I wanted to use the air for a couple things. To grab air outside the boundary layer of the car you need "Elephant scoops". These are not elephant scoops which means things like my oil cooler will be assisted by fans. None the less they will have a good source for air.

***Click on photo for larger image***

The flat sheet is cut and curved to fit the opening. This was some "bubble to this curved shaped with just a little work on the English wheel. Large holes require drilling the perimeter.......
cutting out with rotary cutoff..... and sanding smooth.


The bolts not only hot the outer piece at the appropriate distance but also bolt the frame to the car. The inside holes will be used for mounting latter. The outside holes welded up. There is a compound curve to this panel as well. Side pieced cut, welded and grinded down. A round bar welded to intake scoop. At this point the part could be painted or polished!!
Primer shows the shape. The trick is not to make the first one, but to make the second one look like the first!!


Pretty close! Needed to dress up the filler.
This looks a little better then the plastic surround. Air ducted to oil cooler.
A recess is welded into the duct to make the filler flush. The recess was constructed basically the same way you built a tank. Make a base circle, roll a body and weld together. Cut to depth, cut out hole on vent and weld in recess. Problem arose as the doors were fit!!!!!  They do not clear the vents!
Vents cut back and lip welded back on. Vent cut back for door clearance. Projects some times never seem to finish.
Right side finished  
Left side trimmed  


The fun thing about this scoop was not only that it was an easy aluminum project but that even after the car is finished it will be easy to play with different scoop designs.

If you built it once, you can build it again!