For more then one reason I wanted individual retractable lights. I wanted and needed to get rid of the light bar and this allowed me to do so. It also allows me to get the retract mechanism out of the radiator bay. During restoration the light bar is often left in. It doesn't come out without cutting it out and that makes it tough to clean. 

***Click on photo for larger image***

First step it to clean up the bracket.  My choice is sand blasting.
The bracket is bolted to the bucket and the bucket put in place. From behind and underneath you can mark with a marker where the bar passes through the bracket. 
I thought about cutting off the old bracket and making a new bracket but I decided not to. I didn't want to loose the old brackets so I just added a bracket. This makes it a little more reversible.  The added bracket is just cut from 14g with a hole to fit a bearing. The bearing has a 1/2" hole for a 1/2" rod. These are available at any hardware store.


The bracket is cut to the correct width and collars with set screws are welded on. The collars are tac welded on. Re-install and check for alignment. If a washer is needed that's actually ok. It gives you some adjustment.
Then finish welded. This is the key to adjustment. I will address this more in the future. It was originally configured for a shorter throw and I need to reconfigure it for a longer throw. I will post more about this latter.


At this point I have quite a bit more to add here basically around the linear actuator specs and adjuster construction. More coming soon!


3 inch throw actuators. Simple to operate. Power one direction, they run full travel then off. Power the other way they retract fully then off:



Bracket mounted in lower portion of nose.
  At least for now you get the idea.
Final actuator Mount location Actuation is positive with plenty of power.
Cycle takes 3 seconds.  
I worked with some alternative actuators. At first I thought some smaller and lighter actuators may work but I ended up in an end run back to the actuator I started with. Working on Kit
  I will post a video soon.