Paint Prep




Every thing which has been fabricated has been mocked up. Each section of the car has been assembled and disassembled many times. Now it comes down to the detail work getting the car prepped for paint. This is the part which makes or breaks a restoration; the details!


I was not entirely happy with the rear well. The aft portion just seemed un finished. My solution was to weld in metal as shown in the photos. The result was a more finished rear well:

***Click on photo for larger image***

Before Metal cut, shaped, and welded in the back corner to clean up the shape. Welds ground smooth.
Welds and burnt primer were blasted 100 degree weather. Back side of welds blasted as well. Etch primed ready for fill primer and sanding.


Clean bay ready for paint.


DAYS of sanding, priming and cleaning up the underbelly. Few look here but when they do..... .....they know it's done right! The underbelly and wheel wells was over a month of priming and sanding.
Man this care has a lot of corners! Lots of square inches! Recognized the repaired upright?


  Deck lid fit and finished as seen on Deck lid page
Saving jars good for mixing things like primer. Wash out with lacquer thinner before using. Hinges and headlight buckets sand blasted.
Etch Primed. Epoxy Sealed.
Guide coat. 

Flat black primer lightly misted on car. 

Block sanding 120gt to see how close we are.
After all the primer sanded off, low imperfections attended to and re-sprayed.  





Sunday October 4, 2009!

More to come!