During fabrication and body work the headlight buckets have come off and on a couple times. The headlight buckets are held in with 4 bolts. This is an easy nut plate you can make which makes getting them off and on a bit easier.


***Click on photo for larger image***


Trace the holes through the headlight bucket on 14 gauge steel. The 4 bolt holes marked with punch for drilling.
Drill small holes around the circle.  If you have never used a step drill they are very handy. Just don't forget to keep them lubed and don't let them get too hot.
Rotary tool with cutoff disk to cut out hole. Hole smoothed with carbide bit then sander.


Washer and ruler used to mark width. Cut off with grinder using thin disk. **PUT A GUARD ON THE GRINDER!!!**

Don't forget eye and ear protection. Make sure you have no flammables around!

Sand the zinc off the nut where it will be welded. Tack weld the nut with the screw barely in. Remove the screw before you finish welding. The heat will warp the threads and it is typically not possible to remove the nut with out damaging the threads to both the nut and the bolt.  Re-tap the threads after welding.
The finish plate. After test fit a little had to be cut from the sides for part of the headlight bracket. You can see just where it needs to be notched when you fit it.  The nut plate bolted on the headlight bucket.