License Plate Recess




A standard license plate will over hang the back of the car. It looks sloppy. I modified my car to fit the plate up higher so it does not overhang. 

Keep in mind I have already made modifications to the latch area as this comes close to the locking tumbler. You could do this with the lock tumbler using less of a bend in the metal but it would be a tighter fit on the plate.  


***Click on photo for larger image***


Plate hangs down. Area cut out with rotary.
Cardboard mockup. A separate piece is made because of the structure in the opening. It requires a slight angle to the flat plate holding the license plate. Notice top portion is bent at a 90. 
1/4-20 nuts welded on back to mount license plate. Area where welding will take place cleaned.
Plate inserted and tacked. Piece curved and welded in. Right side is done. Left side shows the piece curved for the left.
These really helped in shaping the corner curved piece. They helped keep the edge straight while curling the end.  Plate fit much better.


Before After!