Everyone knows the back of an open Pantera is like a card board box with the lid open. The bar across the wheel wells helps support load transfer in the uprights but a ladder bar is a traditional Pantera improvement adding to the rigidity in this area.


***Click on photo for larger image***


The roll bar and ladder bar all to tie into the same area. Template made for reinforcement panel. 
Cut from plate. Bent to shape over a welding tank with a large plastic dead blow hammer. 


Roll bar tied back to roof line.  Initial cross bar; eye bolt tacked in.
Eye bolt moved and welded up. If bolt not removed the heat will join the two.  With that kind of heat run a tap through the threads.


Initial bar placed in stock location. Tabs cut from plate for second bar.
One tab is the template to make 4 identical tabs. A 1/8" hold drilled through all 4 in the same location. Step drill to fit the bolt. Bit must be cooled or you will ruin the step drill and or temper the metal making it difficult to drill. I use WD-40.



Place bolt through all 4 tabs and grind to the same shape. Ready for assembly.
Second bar tacked in. Small washer between eye bolt and tabs. Some shrinkage will occur during welding and if you don't add a washer to space it might end up too tight. Cross bars tacked in. Should be tacked in pretty good so they do not move too much when welded on the table.


Cross bar finish welded on table and put back in. Tabs welded up with the engine out.


At this point the Ladder Bar is pretty much finished. I will post a follow up after the car is painted and assembled.