I have given a lot of thought as to some of the things I wanted to do with this car. It was not a very original car when I purchased the car so taken it to the next level was not as hard. 

One goal with the car is to get it out on the track. Fundamentally one issue which has gnawed at me was airflow through the front of the car. As the air flows through the front radiator it is dumped under the car. This can not help down force in the front. 

Front end LIFT was the fatal design flaw in the American Motors AMX. It was not near as bad in the Pantera but the Pantera could have been better.

Talk is cheap. This is an experiment which is more then talk; as it is certainly less then aesthetic. 

With this alteration the radiator is laid forward, the ducts passing under the car are sealed and ALL the air passing through the front of the car exits on top. 


***Click on photo for larger image***

First the radiator is laid forward. The tabs on the Fluidine radiator were a bit week and additional aluminum supports were welded to the radiator tabs.  New mounts for the radiator were welded in and holes drilled.
Center beam cut out, headlight mechanism will be altered and piece of tubing from the roll bar welded in. Begin to get an idea of the airflow through the top. 


Aluminum angle bent to fit perimeter, and cross beams. These were bend using "Eastwood" shrinker and stretchers. LINK These were needed throughout the process to keep the hood straight.   Basic shape cut from .050 aluminum. OK !!! I am REALLY DOING THIS!
Flat sheet sitting on hood; no shape. Hood properly bubble shaped with English wheel. 


At this point the entire hood and aluminum channel was riveted together. It still seems pretty flimsy. 
Finished hood riveted together. Next the hood was welded to the channel. The entire perimeter is welded. Then the rivets were welded up one by one.
An inner structure piece was built and welded in. This really stiffened up the hood. 

Hinge brackets also made out of thicker aluminum. 

Rod bracket to holt hood brace. Welded area around duct were ground smooth for a flat surface which some times meant re-welding and re-grinding.


Hood pins keep the hood tight at the duct. Aluminum caps hand made on the lath.
Internal duct made form ~22g.   The duct was actually boxed in and made a very stout frontal area. There was still plenty of clearance for brake booster and dual MC's.


You don't have to sugar coat it. The word hideous comes to mind. I have some ideas for some drop in type grills when the car is finished. We'll see if we can make the big hole look better latter.
Rear latch will have cover made for it latter.  Latch bracket will be welded in.


The hood vent is adjustable for should more cooling be required (track).