The frame under the car has been subject to years of abuse. Improper jacking, road scars, etc has taken its toll. Areas bent up and abused are removed and solid pieces welded back in.


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Areas on frame which were bent or damaged identified when the car was blasted and coated. These areas cut out.

Area inside blasted then coated with zinc primer.

Vertical support was added to aid in spreading jacking loads. Notice the poster board template and the grooves cut to allow for water drainage.

Replacement pieces cut from 14g steel. Replacement panels welded back on. Area where welded actually cleaned (primer removed) for welding.
Left side after welds ground down. More damaged areas cut out.
More support pieces welded in. 11g welded in and smoothed.
Steel plate welded on to the tail of the frame. Cleans up this area but also provides a better jacking point. (see arrow) Underbelly primed with new metal and smooth frame work.