I never liked working on doors. I think it has more to do with when you work on doors; near the end of the body work right before paint. Here are two doors; one with a small repair and one with a partial re-skin.


***Click on photo for larger image***



Bottom half to be re-skinned. Take line cut with rotary cut off such as Dremmel.
Cleaned up and primed Template
Click on photo to see overlap. Clamped and riveted.
Flat clamp helps work the metal over without wrinkling it too much. Hammer and dolly the rest.
Begin MIG welding the seem at the center of the door. Grind off the weld.
Fitment of right door is pretty close. Gaps will need a little tweaking but not bad.





Rotten area cut out. Cleaned up and primed.
MIG welded Ground smooth.
Primed and blocked Primed again



Gap way too large Small piece of wire welded in.
Weld ground down.  Primed. Fitment much better.
Door lock and door Jam too far back. Too much gap. Center portion cut an pulled out to proper depth. Bottom portion cut out for new piece.
Tack welded back with new piece. Welds finished and ground down.
Upper portion stripped. Back has huge gap as well.
Flat piece of metal welded to take up gap. New plate welded to bring out door lock, to finish out the top, and filler metal to finish various gaps. All ground down.
After primer the door jamb looks like a door jamb again and the fit is far better. Far better fit!!!!!
A little Block sanding left to do and a little tweaking but pretty close!