During restoration I addressed the deck latch. You could call this an upgrade or just a change but I did something a little different with mine.

My latch mount as well as the latch needed some attention but I also wanted to try a different style of latch. This latch is a better latch then the original but the big advantage to this latch was it does a better job of holding the deck lid from moving left to right. 


***Click on photo for larger image***

Latch does not bolt up. New mount cut from scrap metal. Thin cut off blade in grinder works well.
Holes drilled and 1/4" bolt welded in place to hold latch. Zinc sanded off edge of bolt before welded. In hind sight I would have welded on nuts instead  of studs. It would have been a little easier to finish grinding and sanding the area and probably a little cleaner. Plate welded in. I left the nuts on when grinding the welds. It helps keep from knocking the threads with the grinder.


All welding done with MIG.


Latch mounted. Card board bolted to deck lid. Mark location of latch with marker.
A piece of angle iron bolted to deck lid and marked.

When building bracket for latch bolt be sure the rubber trim is in place to assure alignment of deck lid. 

Angle iron cut down to fit latch and bolted together.

Very little pressure on spring latch required to release. 


Latch releases by cable which can be ran anywhere. No need for key hole.  I may hook mechanism to servo?????
Hatch cover cut using Dremal cutoff wheel and rotary sander. Cover cleans the inside of the bay.
The two deck latch components where welded together and cleaned up to make a better looking singular piece.

Latch obtained from A-Plus Rod and Kustom. Ask for:

ROC-HT002  "Hood and Trunk Latch Side mount"