An update has been long overdue. The following is some of the detail going into this car. Very little is stock. 

***Click on image for larger photo***

Turn signal controller I developed. In this version, it controls the turn signal, flashers, front marker lights and is canceled either manually or by using an encoder in the column to keep track of the steering column. I have filed 2 Patents on this system and another version which I will be selling in 2014.
Dash connected with 3 plugs. After market wipper motor system in right wheel well.
Air horn burried in left fender well.  Electrical system in front trunk and rear left firewall. Nothing but wires under dash.
More fuse and relays on left firewall. Air tank, Air pump and coil packs also on left firewall. Left foreground is oil cooler.

License plate fit in the slot without hanging down.

License plate lights not otherwise visible.
Aftermarket trunck latch which does not allow decklid to slide. Cover cleans up the look in the rear.
Burried under left tail light is actuator to open trunk.
Adapter allows common Wilwood 3/4" master cylinder to be used for clutch.