An update has been long overdue. The following is some of the detail going into this car. Very little is stock. 

***Click on image for larger photo***

Gas tank built on right side shapped around custom headers. Installed
Sender is a capacitance sender. Esternal fill.
FORD 400 stroked 434 by Tim Meyer originally set up with Demon carb. Webbers set up and ran. Each exhaust primary has an O2 bung and initial tuning is done.
  Bell housing dialed in.

Instead of primary through suspention, this exhaust is built over suspension.

This set failed in testing due to improper primary sequence and is now a wall decoration.

Second try, not as elegant but takes advantage of long primaries with collection in a rear box.
The collection box has a butterfly for modifying back pressure. Exhaust coated with Jet Hot.
  Heater supply from special built manifolds; pump not needed.
Clearcoat  Servo operated water valve for heater.