The fiberglass air dam was kind of rough. I wanted to build one of aluminum. 

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Several days spend drawing the parts which were cut to make the main shapes. Bottom piece was also the template for the bucking board.
  Edge is beveled. 


Aluminum temper removed with a torch. Upper portion of base clamped to bucking board.
Heavy spoons used to round shape on edge. This piece bolted to the car, tabs for front piece to be riveted together for assembly. 


Bucking plate made and holes in front pieces evenly spaced. Initial bucking of fog light buckets. 
Template cut from steel. Template used to mach contour.


Face is riveted on and base is attached.  Templates used to hold shape during welding.
Side pieces welded in. Angle bent and welded on the back side of the corners.  Initial shape.


The hard part is not making the left or right side; the hard part is making the left side look like the right side!


Left side. Finish welding upper edge and rivets.
Edge ground to flow into fenders. Bottom plate welded on. This was the bottom plate used to make the bucking board.


Welds ground smooth. Light buckets finished out with including light mounts.
Fenders and air dam contoured to flow together. Bringing air dam back to fender.


Welded up and smoothed out. Fit to fender.
Mostly finished! Old fiberglass air dam.


Final Photos: