Last Update 08/28/05


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Springs sand blasted  Painted poor15 Chassis black, dash wrinkle finish later
Rear Leafs New splines pressed on new axles put into the rear end with new bearings and seals Wilwood rear disk brakes, New rims
Front suspension tore down for Hawk Coil Over conversion
Cross Member modification
Curve replacement piece of metal Anvil good! Metal welded in to make room for coil over
  Parts More Parts
I got more parts to sandblast and paint before I can continue assembly!
Front Cross member sandblasted and powder coated Beginning assembly .......But.....  
More parts Sanblasted and primed... ..And Painted Chassis anxiously awaiting parts!
I am short top suspension bushings I can still mount it Steering raq
Panhard rod mount still requires fabrication of vertical mount. That will be done with full weight on suspension (car assembled).
Shock conversion, mount for Panhard rod We be

Roll'n Roll'n Roll'n!

First look at wheels!
Upper A-arm and Kingkip Spindle and disk My wonderful wife made covers to help keep spokes clean!
Top Kingpin mount reversed. Drawing backwards in VB, correct in Moss. 
  A few loose ends to tie up but HEY, She's on 4-WHEELS! Kingpins corrected!
The axle and the Rotor must be straight!