Window Regulators 


I have never been happy with the operation of the window regulators. I decided to get some newer regulators from a 84-89 Toyota pickup or 4 Runner. Total for 2 new  regulators (Ebay) was $41.50. Here is the process by which I adapted them.


First cut off the arms leaving plenty to weld to. Mark hole locations. Cut out area where hole is located.
Cut and weld in steel. Drill and tap new holes. AND cut off old handle shaft and weld to new regulator. You will need to cut off the handle shaft on the new regulator and measure the depth with the regulators installed. First check the old regulator depth then match handle shaft depth on the new regulator. Tac weld arms from MG regulators.
The MG regulators had more of a travel radius although it did not use it all. This is why it is important to tac it to check your angle. I had to make a slight adjustment but now have full travel.  I cleaned, greased and installed the old MG regulator in the right door to check angles and to make sure I was doing everything properly. 
Check fit and travel.

Instillation DID require I move the center pivot (drill a couple new holes) down about 3/4 oc an inch. The actual regulator pivot point dropped and so must the center door pivot point. Wasn't a big deal but requires some work.

When I got done I checked the movement and there is a WORLD of difference in the operation. The new regulator is  MUCH easier to operate and smoother. You will also need to  finish the weld on the arms and paint any uncovered metal or welds