Beginning Paint


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More as it progresses!


01-09-05 01-09-05 01-09-05
1/14/05 1/14/05 1/16/05
1/23/05 1/23/05 1/23/05
1/23/05 1/23/05 1/28/05
1/28/05 1/28/05 1/28/05
1/29/05 1/29/05 1/30/05
1/30/05 2/1/05 2/27/05



At this point the PHOTOS look like I am done painting. This is far from true. I had issues with he hood and trunk lids. They need to be re-shot. I also have 2 small areas on the body that  will need to be re-shot. Shouldn't be e big deal but everything takes time. Still have a little touch up here and there. I won't know how much till I am sure everything else can be safely color sanded.

On top of that, I have to color sand and buff everything. I have begun some color sanding but I want to finish all color sanding before start buffing.