Final assembly

The end is near! 


Last update 8/15/06

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  Prior to chroming tip, end s sanded to 1500 gt then polished  
Aftermarket Wiper 

Motor and drive


Mounted at angle so drive can be accessed Drive tubing is cut and flared. It can be bent up to 90 degrees.
Radiator Mount

and Overflow Tank

Making Fiberglass Air Intake Duct
Starting to look  like a car again!
  Wiring the car. 90% done! Electrical Done!


Time to start!!!!! Starter not engaging....Hmmmm Uh OH...Bad Flywheel..Bad Bad Bad!!!
Pull engine, put in correct flywheel, install engine.
MAY 29, 2006


Just a few days will be 3 YEARS since the restoration began!

Still have a number of little things to do before driving!



New Universal for better clearance Before After
  Extend Shift Cover  
Shift Trim Cover Trimmed in Vinyl Weld New Aluminum Clutch Tank!
Getting the exhaust over the axle will give me a little more room for the Panhard Rod   Panhard Rod
  Still to come:

Fresh Air Duct