When I started building this car I had a general set of goals. Building "custom" car often includes customizations that are a mixture of certain goals and things you simply want which often can't really be justified. Thus we spend way to much time and money on cars but we have a lot of fun doing so. Some say building a custom car takes 3 tries to get everything just right. Well, I am doing this in one shot whether I like the end product or not.

MY OVERALL GOAL: My overall goal in the car was to build a car that MG should have developed, and that could be with modern components. When bought this MG. I never got the satisfaction in driving it that I had when I saw the car and the style. I felt the power was inadequate, the handling was poor, and the carbs were clunky at best. Brakes were fine for a car with 65hp and on and on. As far as components of the car, many things are great. The shell is a very nice looking and solid platform to start from. I did not like lever arm shock for reason such as new "normal" shocks are simple, replaceable, inexpensive and easy to change styles and types to tune the suspension. The fact that the front shock is also the top suspension arm is a compromise at best. Overall, I am not looking for a racecar, but something that has adequate power and handles well. Something a Ford Escort won't go off and leave!

OVERALL CAR: I wanted the car to appear pretty much stock from the outside. At least no tell tail signs of major changes. Certainly no MGBC hood or scoops. Functionally though, I wanted everything to not just "work" but work well. Here is a short list of some of the upgrades:

GM V6 Crate engine; upgraded cam

Computer controlled Fuel Injection

Camero T-5 transmission

Hawk coil over front suspension

Sway bars front/back

Panhard rod

Tube shocks rear

Upgraded disk brakes front/back (Wilwood)

Common new double flair brake lines through out the car

Common Master Cylinders (Willwood)

New after market "Hotrod" windshield wiper motors

New after market Servo driven heater valve

Servo driven heater flapper door

All electronic VDO gauges

New custom radiator

Big Ass air horn

New late model Toyota Pickup window regulators (still manual)

New Axles and splines, rims and tires

Many new original components

The biggest problem with all I have done is making so many major changes to the car. I am sure many things will be a work in progress. When I am done I hope to have a car I can hop in, go drive, hang with traffic, soar the mountain roads, and service with parts from local auto stores and common vendors. In doing so, no more weak wiper motors, no more cable driven heater controls, window regulators that work, and on and on. I am sure there are things I will regret and things I will be very happy with. The car is yet un-driven and un-tested.

I will keep you posted!