Last update 4/09/06

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The Fly Window was broke down, re-Chromed and re-assembled.

Take many photos before disassembling fly windows. Every piece is either a left or right.  Pulled apart and sent to Chromers Fresh chrome parts 3 months later
Lay out the parts to identify the left parts and the fright parts. Take your time. Keep in mind not all the drawings in the catalogs are oriented correctly....Trust me! Rivet/screw all the brackets first. Getting the vent window in is a little tricky. Put the pivot pole through the rubber to start.
Push the glass in then trim with fresh razor blade.  Slide rubber up channel. A little KY Jelly helps. Push ridges in with screw driver or plastic window tool Attach bottom channel Then slide over chrome corner.  
  This is just the general order in which it worked for me. This may or may not be the best way but it is the way I did it.  






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